Happy New Year - Let's Talk Hair Goals

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Happy New Year Tress Tribe 🎉💛

Welcome to our FIRST Blog Post EVER- we're so excited! Seriously : 


Now that our excitement is out of the way, let's talk hair! Specifically: What Are Your Hair Goals?

We don't mean the usual "longer" or "thicker" hair goals 🙄 (cause we want that too!) But, what are you interested in achieving with your hair health and styling? Moisture Retention? Knowing Your Hair Porosity? Developing a Hair Regimen? Perfecting Your Wash & Go? Or Achieving the Best Twist Out?

The list can go on, but whatever your goals may be, we are here to help every step of the way. Why? Because we've been there and wished we had a Hair Tribe to give us some tips and guidance. 

First Task of our #Tressology101 Session: 

  1. Write Down Your Hair Goals. Be as thorough and honest as possible because with the right mindset, great products, and consistency, they can happen. "It's only Crazy until it happens"
  2. Create A Hair Regimen! Taking care of your hair isn't a one-and-done thing. You must develop a relationship with your hair. Creating a hair regimen ensures you are consistent and realistic in keeping your hair happy and healthy. Your hair isn't stagnant and your regimen shouldn't be either. It should be flexible and adapt to the changes in your hair needs. External factors such as the weather, humidity levels, hard water, and hair products you use (and much more) impact your hair. Finding a hair regimen or routine establishes structure and consistency for a healthy hair journey.

Here's an example:

My personal hair regimen: it differs based on whether I am wearing a protective style or simply rocking my natural tresses. I would deep treat my natural hair weekly and the type of treatment depends on the amount of product buildup.

- Natural Hair - weekly deep treatments, low manipulation styles, monthly protein treatment, scalp massages.

Protective Styles - moisturize with a Moisturizing Leave In Mist and oil my scalp with a Nourishing Growth Oil. I would shampoo my hair when it's braided on the 3rd week.

*Disclaimer: what works for me may not work for you.

3. Find The Products That Fit YOUR Hair Needs.  Once you can identify what your hair is lacking you will know which products you should use. Still unsure? No worries, we're adding hair consultations on our website where we will give you a hair diagnostic and help develop a consistent regimen just for you😊

As we start this New Year, let's start off right! 

Thank you for reading our #Tressology101 Session. See you on our next article🧡

Ready to achieve your ultimate hair goals? Click here to begin. 🎉

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  • Posted on by Santonya Tare Taylor

    I feel in love with the nourishing growth oil. It’s a must buy. Have to purchase the shampoo and conditioner.

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