Tress Shampoo Brush


Description: Our Tress Shampoo Brush is designed to make your hair and scalp cleaner than before with its soft silicone bristles. Get a relaxing head and scalp massage at home every time you wash your hair.

Sturdy & Comfortable Design: Fits perfectly in your palm and is easy to hold. Even suitable for those with long nails so you won’t damage your manicure while scrubbing your scalp.

Gentle Scalp Massager & Hair Cleaner: Head and scalp massages can stimulate blood circulation for hair growth, ease scalp itchiness, help exfoliate and remove dandruff, and ease tension.

For Different Hair Styles & Types: Use on curly, straight, thick, thin, long, short, wet, or dry hair.

Available in two colors - Black and Pink

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