Tress Detangling Brush


Description: Perfect detangling brush designed for ALL hair types. Crafted with great strength and flexibility to work on both wet and dry hair. With its unique design of 8 flexible free comb arms with an adjustable control bar, you spend less time detangling with less damage to your hair.

Saves you time and energy, leaving your hair detangled in minutes.

* For ALL Hair Types

* Waterproof & Easy to clean

* Strong, Lightweight & Durable

* Saves you time and energy

No more hours wasted spent on detangling your hair!

Also features a removable control bar to help adjust the difference between the teeth for more stability. This brush can be adjusted depending on the length of your hair: 

FOR SHORT OR THIN HAIR: Adjust the slider to the first line.

FOR LONG OR THICK HAIR: Adjust the slider to the second line.

Available in three colors - Black, Purple & Pink.

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