Papaya Duo

US$34.00 US$27.00

8 FL OZ. (240 mL) each

Recommended for All Hair Types. Safe for Colored Hair

Hair Description:

1. Papaya Moisturizing Shampoo is filled with ultra-moisturizing ingredients to help soften the hair, moisturize and reduce frizz all without weighing it down. Enriched with our custom oat and rice protein blended to revitalize your hair, our Papaya Moisturizing Shampoo will leave your hair smooth, silky, improve shine, strength, and manageability.

2. Papaya Moisturizing Conditioner is filled with revitalizing ingredients that detangle, softens, and delivers lasting moisture. Enriched with Argan, Shea, and Coconut oils, our Papaya Moisturizing Conditioner leaves your hair silky soft, moisturized, and detangled.

Directions & Ingredients: Listed on individual product page.


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